6″ Utility Fighter

The 6″ Utility Fighter is a high quality combat knife that was developed during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to be a light weight but reliable fixed blade that serves as both a general purpose cutting tool and a weapon.

The alloy and heat treat are optimized so the edge doesn’t have to be extremely thick in order to achieve a high level of durability. They’re taken down to .020″ before sharpening at 20 degrees per side, so they cut very well.

The grip is designed so the blade can be held at an angle in the hand with the butt across the palm in order to project reach. Held this way this knife points naturally in line with your arm instead of jutting off to the side. The grip widens going up to a palm swell which reduces slipping when used to stab. When held in a reverse grip, the scales flare out at the ricasso and fit the meaty part of your hand. The distance from the guard features to the rounded end allow correct placement of your thumb in a reverse grip.

The handle is ergonomically designed for a standard forward, reverse, saber and pinch grips for an average to relatively large hand. The tang is internally skeletonized for weight reduction and balance. The scales are 3D sculpted CNC machined. The blade is made from 3/16” 3V with a heat treat that has been optimized to maximize edge durability in extremely rough use.

It is not stainless, but it has good corrosion resistance.

CPM 3V, 60 HRC, .165” at ricasso
Total length 10.8”
Blade length 6.0″
Edge length 5.6”
Weight 7.3-8.3 oz
Extra grippy 3D machined scales
Black oxide treated 18-8 stainless steel fasteners

Spec Ops Combat Master sheath can be hung from a belt, mounted to all duty belts, is M.O.L.L.E. compatible and jump certified.

Kydex sheaths include a TecLoc that can be reconfigured for horizontal carry. Knives in this sheath are good for concealed carry.

Starting at $280 in basic configuration and choice of sheath. Options such as G10 and double edge are extra.